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PALLAS CAPITAL Corporate Solutions GmbH is an M&A consultancy specializing in medium-sized companies in the DACH region. We support our clients as transaction advisors with regard to company acquisitions and sales as well as growth financing.

Hard Facts.

Why the middle class?

SMEs are the engine of the economy – but what exactly does that mean in figures?

of all companies in the DACH region are SMEs
0 %
of all employed persons work for SMEs.
0 %
of all apprentices are trained in SMEs.
0 %
of all medium-sized companies are family businesses.
0 %


It’s always best to sell a business when you want to, not when you have to. That means you go to market when you and the business are fully prepared. Ideally, you can time your exit so that your company’s solid performance coincides with peak selling times in the private capital markets. The earlier you begin the planning process, the more control you have over that decision.

The process usually lasts 4 – 12 months, depending both on the scale, the level of interest and, above all, on the flow of information and the provision of documentation by the seller.

Set the course years before the planned sale. Develop a long-term strategy for your business handover and for yourself for the time afterwards.

Things that reduce the value of a business are usually associated with factors that increase the risk associated with the investment. Incomplete and/or unreliable financial records are the biggest value detractors. Customer concentration and heavy reliance on owners are two other items that are frequently cited as making them less attractive.

A distinction is made between three groups of buyers of small and medium-sized companies: Private investors, strategic investors and financial investors. They all pursue different intentions.

Professional M&A consulting includes, among many other process steps, buyer identification. The first impression of your company to interested parties is crucial and requires a professional company exposé or information memorandum.

There are both internal and external options for succession planning. In family businesses, internal family succession is often preferred, but a handover to employees also often takes place (MBO). However, the number of external succession arrangements – i.e. the sale of the company – is steadily increasing.

The possible number of variants of the various solutions, however, depends on different factors, such as the size of the company, the internal structure and the margin. We would be happy to discuss which solutions are potentially suitable for you in a joint meeting.

You are certainly an expert in running your business, but you probably don’t know much about the M&A process. Selling a business is time-consuming and very emotional. After all, this company most likely represents your life’s work. No doubt you have an emotional attachment.

Only those parties who prove to be financially potent, interested and suitable will be contacted, after signing a confidentiality agreement.

Buyers, investors and lenders prefer three years of financial records.

Does it still make sense to call in a consultant now?

It definitely makes sense to obtain an impartial third party view of an existing offer before taking such an important step of selling one’s company.

Since the details always matter in a corporate transaction and entrepreneurs very often have experienced investors or M&A departments of larger companies as counterparts, professional assistance is always an advantage. In addition, an experienced advisor can, if necessary, also obtain comparative offers within a short period of time in order to increase the negotiating leeway for you.

Should you still work with an M&A advisor to conduct the discussions in a structured manner?

In principle, you can of course sell your company on your own without professional experts. However, especially in this situation, an experienced M&A consultant can support you in optimizing both the strategic and financial framework conditions by, among other things, creating a competitive situation between the interested parties.

PALLAS CAPITAL Corporate Solutions

For the successful acquisition and sale of companies, succession solutions and growth financing in the DACH region
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